Introduction to Kabob Q Owner “Feras Nassif”

Feras Nassif

Owner/ General Manager


The owner of Kabob Q has a vast experience in restaurant operation and management through the years he worked in the gulf and the high-quality education he got from Europe. 

Feras is a believer in seeking opportunities and coming to the US is one of the strong decisions that he made to achieve his vision in creating a new concept in the restaurant/ food arena.

The concept of the restaurant came very clear to Feras when he first came to the US and tried a couple of Mediterranean restaurant in the area and found a gap between expectation and reality. For him, his goal became to create a new concept that provides fresh and healthy Mediterranean cooking in a fast modern setting.

What makes Kabob Q different is the freshness, the ingredients are made from scratch, authenticity and superior quality of the food along with a casual modern look.

Feras Nassif sees Kabob Q expanding and bringing our eats to more fans Illinois specifically Downtown Chicago, New York, Washington D.C…etc. Our Loyal fans have spread the works so quickly that we plan on opening the next Kabob Q in the nearest future.