Kabob Q Grill & Restaurant

Experience variety of Authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern
cuisines freshly prepared dishes a wide selection of sandwiches
including Shawarma, Kabob & Falafel

Kabob Q

The Real Mediterranean

Located in Willowbrook, Kabob Q celebrates the flavors of authentic and fresh Mediterranean cooking in a casual modern setting.

For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come and sate your desires with our ever inspired sandwiches and bowls.
Chicken and Beef Kabobs, Koftas, Falafel, hummus, Tender slow cooked mouthwatering shawarmas, our fresh salads, toppings and garnishes. you can create your meals with our fresh ingredients in your own unique way.

We are committed to providing you with a refreshingly authentic food using all-fresh ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle in a truly delicious way.

We are passionate about fast and efficient service, great food and your continued satisfaction.


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The centerpiece of Kabob Q is our open kitchen. We cook everything in view so you can see the shawarmas spinning to the Open flames to the grills cooking. You will customize your sandwich or bowl with a delicious array of proteins, satisfying sides, freshly prepared salads and middle eastern sauces and garnishes. The end result is a pure perfection of Middle Eastern colors and flavors.

We Deliver all around the Chicago area*

Customer Testimonials

I like it and the owner and the staff are very nice.
They have the best shawarma in Chicago

Susan T.   

We love this place! The folks at Kabob Q are always very kind, and the food is fresh and tasty. My son and I both like to get the Steak Shawarma bowls, and customize what we want in them with the toppings that they offer. My husband also likes the combo platter and the wraps. Kabob Q is a nice change of pace for fast casual eats in a market heavily saturated with hamburgers, hot dogs, and really heavy typical midwestern faire. I highly recommend this place for a quick lunch or dinner!

Jen W.   

“Food is amazing, tried the chicken shawarma, steak shawarma and hummus and falafel, every single one of them is exactly they way it should be, the right ingredients..”

Ziyad A.